"If we are to reach real peace in this world...we shall have to begin with the children." (Mahatma Gandhi)  

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We are the children of the world
We are the children of the world (repeat)

We are the children of love
(hope, friendship, compassion, justice, family)
We are the children of the world

We can make a difference
We are the children of the world. (repeat)

We don't want war anymore
We are the children of the world. (repeat)
(this verse was suggested by a 7 yr. old boy)

Listen people everywhere....hear our song
Come and take somebody's hand....sing along
The choice is ours.....what will we do?
It's up to me....it's up to you.

This song was written in 2002 by Mary K. McNeill, an artist in residence with the Seattle public school system. Her students gave her ideas for the song which is designed to send a message of peace to children around the world, letting them know that we seek friendship and do not want to be enemies.

It's been translated into Spanish, Arabic, Persian, Hindi, and Hebrew. This project involves sending the song to children all over the world, encouraging them to make up their ovwn verses and to sing along with us too. We'd like to make contact with children around the world using this song as a gesture of friendship and invite them to join in for next year's "A Children's Gathering For Peace" - with simultaneous celebrations all around the world. If you know of communities that might be open to such a connection please let us know.

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